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Python scripts for the score comparison/checking
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A compiled list of all Python related scripts written for the UConn Graduate School's use.

========== pyCombiner

This script will combine all tab-deliminated scores (those ending in '.txt') into a single file. Score files need to be in the same directory as the script, and preferably be the only '.txt' files in the directory.

Version: Python 3.5
Compiled: Yes

========== pyCompare

This script will compare two text files ('combined.txt' and 'ets.txt'). It will output whatever scores exist in 'ets.txt' that do not in 'combined.txt' into a new file called 'missing.txt'

Version: Python 3.5
Compiled: Yes

========== pyCondense

This script will take any line in 'missing.txt' and add it to a new file: 'lost.txt'. This effectively removes all newlines generated during pyCompare. *Note: Look into adding this into pyCompare, or find a way to remove newlines instead of generating a new file.

Version: Python 3.5
Compiled: Yes

========== pySeparateBatch

This script will take the 'lost.txt' file and separate the lines into a batch of file with no more than to 250 applicants per file.

Version: Python 2.7
Compiled: No

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