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Example LAMMPS compilation for ticket 31775
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LAMMPS with Intel MPI and Xeon Phi

Compile the latest LAMMPS. Use Intel Xeon Phi co-processor card if available, otherwise fall back to CPU version.


To build the lammps_intel_coprocessor executable, LAMMPS needs Intel's MPSS libraries (Manycore Platform Software Stack) which are only available on our Intel Xeon Phi nodes. Therefore instead of directly running, compile LAMMPS on the Intel Xeon Phi node using the provided SLURM script:

sbatch compile.slurm

This will create a lammps executable that wraps both the CPU and Phi offload versions of LAMMPS. Note that the executable loads the intel compiler dependency for MKL, Intel MPI, etc.


You probably want to add that lammps script to your PATH so that you can easily run it other directories without the ./:

# In your ~/.bashrc

export PATH=path/to/your/lammps:$PATH

For the CPU version, your SLURM script must subset to Haswell or newer nodes using:

#SBATCH --exclude cn[01-136]

mpirun lammps -i

If you are using the Phi card for offload mode, we don't need the node exclusions as the phi nodes are Haswell. Make sure you have the following in your SLURM script:

#SBATCH --partition phi
#SBATCH --ntasks 1   # Offload mode deadlocks with > 1 CPU
#SBATCH --gres mic:1 # Offload mode deadlocks with > 1 Phi card

lammps -i



To compare the speed with using the Phi co-processor and without, The with_phi.slurm and without_phi.slurm files run Intel's bundled test inputs. The Phi card completes in 8 minutes, while the CPU version times out after 30 minutes.

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