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SLURM stats

Generate interactive HTML plots of SLURM data.

Build the HTML file on the Storrs HPC cluster:

module load gcc/5.4.0-alt r/3.4.2-gcc540
Rscript sacct.R

Spawn web server to view output on your workstation as you change the R code:

# Server side setup
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Connect to the server and see your web browser. Assumes port 8000 was opened by the python web server on login1, tunnel to the server from your workstation:

# Client side setup
ssh -NL 8000:localhost:8000 login1
xdg-open http://localhost:8000

...where login1 is an ssh_config alias such as:

# ~/.ssh/config
Host login1
     User NETIDadmin		# Put your ID here!
     IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa	# Or similar.  Copy with `ssh-copy-id`
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