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Geometric Separators and the Parabolic Lift


This Processing application is based off the paper Geometric Separators and the Parabolic Lift by Don Sheehy and demonstrates basic usage of an algorithm (in the above paper) for finding a geometric separator for 2-D points.


The application consists of a canvas and two buttons. It will allow you input a number of 2-D Euclidean points using a mouse and calculate the geometric separator. Tentatively, you will also be able to provide a file of predefined points (e.g. .csv format).

Click the mouse anywhere on the canvas to create a new input point. When you have completed your input, either press 'Reset.' to clear it or 'Calculate.' to find the separator.


The program will visualize several components of the algorithm:

  • Highlights the estimated centerpoint for your input.
  • Shows the separator in relation to your input.
  • Outputs the numerical information associated with the above.
  • Perhaps more...
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