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school={School of Engineering},
department={Computer Science \& Engineering},
name={Alexander Russell},
addressa={371 FAIRFIELD WAY, UNIT 4155},
addressb={STORRS, CT 06269-4155},
%\signature{Alexander Russell}
Inside address\\
Lines separated as shown}
This is an example letter typeset with the \texttt{uconnletter} class
file for use with \LaTeX 2e. You may customize it for your own
purposes by altering the arguments appearing in the preamble of this
sample file. The class understands all the options of the usual letter
class; however, the class ignores any usage of the
\verb^\address{}^ command, as that data already appears in the
The class will automatically set your \verb`\signature` using the
\verb`name` entry in the preamble, though you can reset it by explicitly using
the \verb`\signature` command as usual.
If you find any issues or bugs, please let me know about them.
%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-master: t
%%% End: