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DOM Playground


Fix the page design and layout by modifying the DOM. When complete, your page should look like the original, "Wicked Grove" design.

You'll need to look for the comments found in the index.html file. Follow the instructions in each comment, but do not modify the HTML or CSS file. All modifications must be done in JavaScript. Use the js/fix-the-page.js file for your DOM modifications.


  1. You may not modify the HTML file.
  2. You may not modify the CSS file.

You can use the original HTML and CSS files for reference.

What You Need to Know

This assignment is designed to test your knowledge of the following JavaScript features:

  • document.querySelector()
  • document.createElement()
  • element.appendChild()
  • element.innerHTML
  • element.attribute
  • element.classList.add()
  • Array.forEach()
  • The DOM
  • Object Literals {}
  • ... and more!
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