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// Sass project settings, you can edit it and set custom settings.
// The mappings of source directory and output directory
"mappings": [
"src": "html-site/scss",
"dest": "html-site/css"
// Add the ignore rules that Koala will not search them.
// e.g. ["*.json", "*.txt", "test", "path/libs"]
"ignores": ["*.css"],
// Compile options of Sass.
"options": {
// Output style. Can be nested (default), compact, compressed, or expanded.
"outputStyle": "nested",
// Emit comments in the generated CSS indicating the corresponding source line.
"lineComments": false,
// Emit extra information in the generated CSS that can be used by the FireSass Firebug plugin.
"debugInfo": false,
// Create sourcemap files next to the generated CSS files
"sourceMap": false,
// Use Unix-style newlines in written files.
"unixNewlines": false,
// auto add vendor prefixes to rules
"autoprefix": false
// Other compile options, use the full name of options.
// e.g, ["--scss", ... ,"--no-cache"].
// Run the command 'sass -h' to see more options.
"customOptions": [],
// An array of filesystem paths or importers which should be searched for Sass templates imported with the @import directive.
"includePaths": [],
// A array of ruby libraries, require them before running Sass.
"requireLibs": []
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