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<title>Jason Cramer</title>
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<h1 class="text" style="font-size:180%;padding-left:25%;text-align:left;padding-top:4%;margin-bottom:-1%">Jason Cramer</h1>
<p class="text" style="font-size:150%;text-align:left;padding-left:25%;margin-bottom:-1%;">76 Hartwell Road, West Hartford, CT 06117 | (860) 810-0644
<br /><br /><br /><b><u>OBJECTIVE</u></b><br />Seeking a programming position utilizing skills in any major object-oriented language
<br /><br /><b><u>EDUCATION</u><br />University of Connecticut</b>, Storrs, CT, August 2019-Present<br /><i>Computer Science</i>
<br /><br /><b><u>SKILLS</u></b><br/>
- Java<br />- Python<br />- HTML & CSS<br />- Unity<br />- GameMaker: Studio<br />- Microsoft Office<br /><br />
<b><u>PROGRAMMING PROJECTS</u><br />Get Out</b>, GML, 2015<br /><b>Sal The Snake</b>, GML, 2017<br /><b>Barnhouse Studios
Website</b>, HTML & CSS, 2017<br /><b>March Madness Simulator</b>, Java, 2018<br /><b>Volleyball Stats</b>, Java, 2019<br />
<b>Time To Kill</b>, C#, 2020-Present<br /><br /><b><u>WORK EXPERIENCE</u><br />3D Innovation</b>, West Hartford, CT,
<i>Sales Associate</i>, November 2018-January 2019<br /><br /><b><u>RELEVANT COURSES</u><br />AP Computer Science A</b>
(Java)<br /><b>CSE 1729 - Introduction to Principles of Programming</b> (Scheme)<br /><b>CSE 2050 - Data Structures
and Object-Oriented Design</b> (Python)<br /><b>DMD 2542 - Introduction to Game Scripting</b> (C#)<br /><br /><br />.</p>
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