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40195 Decreased head circumference
2060 Abnormality of the cerebrum
11282 Abnormality of hindbrain morphology
11283 Abnormality of the metencephalon
152 Abnormality of head or neck
12443 Abnormality of brain morphology
924 Abnormality of the skeletal system
2078 Truncal ataxia
1311 Abnormal nervous system electrophysiology
2977 Aplasia/Hypoplasia involving the central nervous system
929 Abnormality of the skull
9121 Abnormal axial skeleton morphology
1317 Abnormality of the cerebellum
2353 EEG abnormality
11442 Abnormality of central motor function
11443 Abnormality of coordination
11842 Abnormality of skeletal morphology
100547 Abnormality of forebrain morphology
7364 Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the cerebrum
707 Abnormality of the nervous system
12759 Neurodevelopmental abnormality
2011 Morphological abnormality of the central nervous system
12638 Abnormality of nervous system physiology
12639 Abnormality of nervous system morphology
1249 Intellectual disability
1250 Seizures
1251 Ataxia
30178 Abnormality of central nervous system electrophysiology
234 Abnormality of the head
240 Abnormality of skull size
118 Phenotypic abnormality
252 Microcephaly
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