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fair equitable and
rural urban and
medical dental and
ambitious costly and
medical dental and
daily limited but
tentative exploratory and
military economic and
firmer tougher and
amateurish monumental and
burglary larceny and
limited vital but
democratic republican and
technical military and
long detailed and
administrative budgetary and
right many and
political governmental and
regular special or
genuine token or
green al and
old new and
eighth ninth and
third gentile and
streamlined workable and
modest happy and
american national or
major minor or
second third and
kentucky notre and
junior senior and
general mrs. and
vast lovely and
new fast-grossing and
bric-a-brac such and
second third and
national international and
tomato-red bright and
economic personal and
american british and
american british and
white jeremiah and
first second-degree and
medical funeral and
vicky sympathy and
ex-marine havana and
constitutional statutory and
intellectual moral and
orderly effective and
legal nonviolent and
little mrs. and
feted honored and
second baton and
french german and
u.s. foreign and
limited slow and
limited questionable and
one-third more or
simple elegant and
black white and
afro-cuban oriental and
danish straight-line nor
sanger-harris anderson's and
drs. mmes. and
bible pray and
traditional traditional but
big spacious and
cultural religious and
cardiac blind and
white blue and
soldier musician and
dull monotonous and
cheery gay and
economic ideological and
hard complex and
west neutral and
military diplomatic and
cocky aggressive and
timely convenient and
well-informed confident and
broad flattering and
first second and
useful artificial but
ordinary necessary and
marginal average or
wednesday friday and
moral logical and
effective rational and
effective rational nor
eighteenth- nineteenth-century and
officious improper and
forced artificial and
successful many and
military foreign-policy and
british french and
economic military and
french indian and
british french and
russian communist and
second third and
lean leathery and
moist soft and
flag-stick putt and
air-conditioning new and
tall weigh and
surprising pleasant and
left-handed right-handed and
old new and
pro amateur or
surprised pleased and
political historical or
british french and
belgian other and
military political and
economic social and
january february and
spanish portuguese and
county-wide regional or
informed concerned and
cultural spiritual and
fiscal social and
helpful inadequate but
british other and
trivial communist but
ecological statistical and
honest public-spirited and
australian thai or
unprovocative ready but
flamboyant theatrical or
political legislative and
economic social and
industrial military and
unsupportable wild and
un-american subversive or
brief hectic but
pro-trujillo pro-castro and
rare needed but
common cattle and
blue black-crowned and
political other and
administrative legislative and
broad little but
local borough or
more more and
individual national or
moderate unemotional and
open permissive or
oldest toughest and
peaceful progressive and
white negro and
surprised impressed and
courteous competent and
straight stiff and
4- 5-to-1 and
domestic foreign and
internal external and
conventional nuclear nor
political economic and
warm friendly and
more more and
key doorknob or
poetic beautiful and
second third and
british foreign and
soft light and
high little and
navy taffy and
overactive high and
listen learn and
german japanese and
ambitious useful and
simple honest but
confused unmoved and
cruel sad and
fleeting casual and
loose monstrous and
industrial commercial and
helpful good and
european asian and
able willing and
service-connected non-service-connected and
impractical out-of-step and
old young and
fairest least and
unwarranted unfair and
ethical professional and
geographic natural and
french british and
united neutral and
terrorized tortured and
thirty-ninth fifty-ninth and
general complete and
good bad or
bigger better and
inadequate tardy and
tiny innocent and
innocent dependent and
fair accurate and
30- 50-megaton and
common hydrogen or
sixty-five older or
sudden tragic and
new enlarged and
cynical irresponsible and
biological genetic and
physical mental or
neonatal childhood or
catholic protestant and
sharp abrupt and
eastern western and
economic military and
first foremost and
pro-western anti-communist and
more more and
more more and
greek turkish and
slow fast and
european u.s. and
angular knobby-knuckled and
dark murky and
immediate tangible and
direct active and
industrial agricultural and
secret genuine but
hot cold and
30- 50-megaton or
vietnamese north and
good bad and
political legal and
political legal or
reasonable fair and
beautiful light-hearted and
fair objective and
black white and
surprised sorry and
long detailed and
mysterious marvelous and
entertaining irresponsible and
table-tennis other and
fit contented and
odd ironic and
handsome impressive and
warm human and
technical detailed and
outfought outgeneraled and
chinese british and
able intelligent and
intellectual self-critical and
dramatic lively and
american chinese and
new desirable and
serious high-minded and
untrained unsettled and
young handsome and
high-spirited communicative and
exuberant sentimental or
flirtatious funny or
witty candid and
earlier delightful and
deep abiding and
sharp whipping and
fresh unstilted and
intellectual spiritual and
political diplomatic and
reliable readable and
critical pessimistic and
disloyal pro-communist and
admirable fascinating and
wily aggressive and
political domestic or
sweet sad and
delightful heart-warming and
delicate perilous and
intelligent natural and
non-sentimental ultra-efficient and
strong musical and
italian english and
charming elegant and
intense baroque and
evocative gracious and
bawdy mawkish or
attentive quiet and
soft lyrical and
second successful and
soviet nazi and
lyrical forceful and
vivid unabashed and
hostile quite and
mediocre lazy and
loud clear and
french american and
able ambitious and
courageous honest and
direct powerful and
large intimate and
solid sensible and
equal opposite and
intellectual spiritual and
dramatical musical and
musical poetic and
contemptuous ecstatic and
wide shaggy and
historical technical or
slow modest and
more more and
purple white and
dead wilted or
gentle nostalgic and
rich foot-loose and
new complete and
venomous pitiful and
green purple and
more more and
gusty undependable and
good creole and
pale low-key and
wartorn poverty-stricken and
able willing and
clear sensible and
public non-public and
vast vigilant and
psychological physiological or
vegetable animal and
mono-unsaturated poly-unsaturated and
populous real and
extraneous illusory and
important valuable and
great superficial but
positive negative and
steady methodical and
distinct separable and
present operative and
incredible irrelevant and
industrial technological and
incredible irrelevant and
long diverse and
american english and
strongest longest and
lapsed nonchurchgoing or
respectable friendly and
moderate real but
unique universal and
interminable irremediable and
tatian cyprian and
ecclesiastical social and
old new and
nearest dearest and
strong united and
large small and
large small and
religious philosophical and
pre-han han and
yin-yang five-elements and
loyal active and
unfair unchristian and
easy painless and
natural logical and
unconcerned inactive and
social recreational and
uniformity god nor
traditional indigenous and
political religious and
sacral secular and
fallible corruptible and
remote speculative and
good evil or
certain extensive and
extensive immediate and
moral political and
ethical theological and
objective explicit or
social professional and
legal political and
sociological psychological and
legal political and
negative positive or
legal political and
legal political and
cultural moral and
new difficult and
hundred fifty and
much empty but
smaller smaller and
greater lesser or
trinitarian unitarian or
immediate unconditional and
moral ethical and
moral material and
fourth third and
divine holy and
great precious and
miraculous mysterious and
immediate instantaneous and
honest sincere and
final extreme and
spiritual moral and
world-famous norm and
greater greater and
quick-wate super-protein and
longer longer and
short long or
healthy perky and
b-52 b-70 or
mobile hardened and
successful unsuccessful or
b-52 b-70 or
many frequent and
interesting effective and
open natural and
overage cannot and
regional local and
green yellow and
unsolder disassemble and
active successful and
scale much and
new better and
light sharp and
fine familiar and
small-game plinking and
seven- 12-shot or
bright light-reflecting and
french spanish and
jamestown yorktown and
fern other and
british french and
christian moslem and
famous excellent and
blue white and
red cream and
wine- beer-cooling or
white buff or
clear transparent or
top bottom and
wide 3-1/2'' and
glue one-inch and
final careful and
bottled l-p or
new-england new-york and
more more and
unexpected unsettling and
constant careful and
weekly bi-monthly or
colonial contemporary or
high low or
logical effective and
inexpensive available and
available interested and
stagnant dry or
quick easy and
fluent spontaneous and
young mature or
large circumspect and
large eager and
good solid and
large enthusiastic and
fatigue emotional and
high high or
upper lower and
slower slower and
higher higher and
artistic psychological and
upper lower and
warm friendly and
german danish and
medical pharmaceutical and
electrical magnetic and
bacterial fungal and
new exciting and
5- 10-yr. or
commercial institutional and
full complete and
prominent accomplished and
rare undeveloped and
severe separate and
larger fancier or
second- third-shift and
efficient necessary and
older disabled or
job- non-job-connected and
annual regular or
rural urban or
long ever-increasing and
new modern and
possible legal and
commercial private and
physical mental and
good bad or
many varied and
supervisory individual-contributor and
second third and
central satellite and
new future or
salary prestige and
unpleasant costly and
vacuum- pressure-formed and
large small and
thick thin and
quick economical and
human animal or
regular impact and
red black or
strange new and
german french and
economical satisfactory and
4- 5-passenger and
european american or
imperial cadillac or
monetary sentimental and
reasonable appropriate and
second third and
therapeutic diagnostic and
skilled sensitive and
geographical socio-economic and
vocal non-verbal but
literary scientific or
linguistic paralinguistic and
new modern and
terrible inhumane and
older wiser and
young energetic and
mantic prophetic or
realistic unbroken and
inaudible intactible and
assyrian cassite nor
german english or
quick-drying subject and
sulphured sprayed nor
green silver-painted and
complete unabridged and
calm relaxed and
wide varied and
many varied and
non-instinctive conscious and
nest hive or
new ever-changing and
new better and
freer easier and
thin fragile and
physical psychological and
physical emotional and
unpleasant difficult and
cold frigid or
understanding patient and
complex multiple and
bestial unworthy and
open direct and
more more and
vigorous assertive and
italian french or
electrical atomic and
scientific impressive or
hot cold and
upper lower or
thumb- finger-sucking or
normal excessive and
continuous intermittent or
personal specific and
conscious unconscious or
objective careful and
expensive specialized and
non-police non-party and
stimulated transformed and
divisive nettlesome and
political social and
economic social and
mechanical chemical or
secondary subjective and
powerful dominant or
evil sinful and
painful costly and
unnatural contrary and
open secret or
radical revolutionary and
profound far-reaching and
religious moral and
north south and
red assiniboine and
discontented disappointed and
colorful expressive and
short sweet and
fall-in close-up and
cultural political and
egocentric isolationistic and
economic governmental and
cultural political and
new ever-changing and
propagandistic commercial and
subliterary bogus and
isolated semi-isolated and
regional occupational and
regional occupational and
uncritical many and
ethnic occupational and
powerful most and
low rowdy and
clear syrupy and
moral financial and
municipal county and
bigger better and
high dry and
third fourth and
simple ingenious and
civil military and
plastic adjust and
chinese north and
sharp confident and
ready willing and
sharp military and
obvious overwhelming and
greater less or
greater less or
spectacular definitive and
good thick and
chinese indian and
religious ethnic and
social economic and
social sexual and
provincial overprotective and
psychological sociological and
best quickest and
sudden frequent or
cheap poor or
several more or
ten fifteen or
bitter acid or
noble humane and
free equal and
educational cultural and
deep awesome and
authentic aesthetic or
spacious beautiful and
favorite most and
shady undesirable and
free easy and
scientific philosophical and
lucy winslow and
quiet energetic and
vocational technical or
red white and
eastern foreign and
confident ulyate and
spun spurred and
short thick and
national international and
local ecumenical and
unspectacular indispensable but
introverted self-centered and
private domestic and
sick troubled and
economic industrial and
thick small and
more more and
higher higher and
able agile and
successful positive and
preliminary preparatory and
nursery- elementary-school and
different difficult and
enduring stable and
small simple or
present future and
dull unrewarding and
black white or
stable definite and
forceful overt and
previous present and
pronounced most and
dependent relativistic and
physical emotional and
long angry and
responsive relevant and
complex expensive and
actual potential or
interesting beautiful and
narrow dark and
largest best-preserved and
extensive expensive and
social economic and
social economic and
higher- lower-status and
social economic and
social economic and
social economic and
social economic and
social economic and
social economic and
social economic and
social economic and
social economic and
residential religious and
congregational parochial and
energetic resourceful and
french british and
english french and
slow difficult and
intensive thorough and
primary secondary and
non-violence good and
re-moralizing re-establishing and
violent non-violent and
additional more and
violent non-violent or
forced convict or
economic political and
north south and
individual local and
minor immoral and
social psychological and
social economic and
anglo-saxon celtic or
hot cold and
english scandinavian and
civil political and
educational cultural and
permanent unchanging and
technological industrial and
legal political and
quiet impressive but
quiet impressive but
clear quick and
separate deliberate and
lean tall and
tall angular and
constant unfulfilled and
difficult ambiguous and
australian i and
safe spacious and
blue yellow and
light-flared enormous and
energetic conscientious and
first fourth and
dramatic patriotic or
selfish parochial nor
french indian and
legal constitutional and
intellectual social and
respectable disinterested and
dramatic overwhelming and
cornbread mint and
useful reliable and
gradual abrupt and
major minor or
urban industrial and
narrative emotional and
spatial temporal or
pleased disturbed nor
legislative judicial and
obvious frequent and
terrestial celestial and
shorter shorter and
bio- physiological and
widespread quite and
dark light and
irksome i and
technological economic and
technological economic and
mysterious divine and
forthright earthy and
alive free and
good evil and
corner- gate and
rare delicate and
persistent longer-lived and
straw-colored transparent and
numerous distant and
ridiculous trivial and
destructive self-destructive and
light dark and
artistic erotic and
unknown empty and
philosophical religious and
personal spiritual and
sub-human quasi-mechanistic and
personal subjective and
religious philosophical and
new valid and
better worse or
artistic mythological and
serious important and
neutral rarified and
fresh primitive and
clear distinct and
isolated neutral and
positive negative and
positive negative or
elemental unavoidable and
abstractive rational and
such such and
broader full and
clear distinct and
partial local or
north south and
north south and
carolina georgia and
legendary historic and
shy solitary and
lively humorous and
nameless immortal and
first last and
intimate detailed and
desperate ill-fated and
independent self-reliant and
good bad and
legal illegal and
solitary difficult and
complete most and
social political and
radical conservative or
fourteen fifteen or
undeclared immoral and
limited precarious and
limited precarious and
clamorous confused and
uncertain uneasy and
democratic free or
economic religious or
economic philosophic and
industrial technological and
quarterly annual and
free untrammeled and
free open and
domestic international and
clumsy wasteful and
chaotic misleading and
national international and
practical legislative or
friendly hostile or
quiet deep but
spontaneous unanalyzed and
negative coercive and
stubborn simple but
unworthy trivial and
terrible ominous and
unspoken unconscious and
natural man-made or
more more and
arid cold and
pure elevated and
more more and
new beautiful and
familiar commonplace and
inadequate misleading or
political related and
mental physical or
english continental and
horse-trading eye-gouging and
supernormal extra-sensory or
political economic and
aesthetic cultural and
absent remain or
eternal perfect and
larger smaller and
disparate fervent and
physical mental and
shrewd ambitious and
high-spirited vivacious and
english german and
attractive shrewd but
temporary definite but
wright olgivanna nor
great universal and
sympathetic cautious but
great appropriate and
locked guarded and
overblown operatic and
arbitrary influential and
conscious unconscious and
few many or
precious luminous and
graceful simple and
intellectual spiritual and
secure prosperous and
spiritual material and
peaceful prosperous and
moral spiritual and
economic political and
worthy substantial and
rich poor or
easy quick and
new emerging and
own free and
costly necessary but
fine devoted and
investigative advisory and
wet cold and
new exciting and
vast elegant and
extensive bitter and
pretentious elaborate and
first longest and
memorable lasting and
versatile capable and
true false and
first last or
large small or
religious philosophical and
national international or
religious political or
public private and
legal civic and
harmonious inharmonious or
intellectual emotional and
important recurring and
close immediate and
persistent viable and
underprivileged undereducated and
continuous guided and
natural primary and
reflective thoughtful or
sensuous emotional or
poetic literary or
typical atypical or
difficult challenging and
thematic conceptual or
able willing and
central major and
revolutionary romantic and
powerful most and
old new and
spiritual cultural and
american journal or
past present or
open unblushing and
western southern and
stunning money-minded and
papal french and
long numerous and
industrial social and
economic social and
sharp clear and
economic social and
social political and
liberal humanistic and
wonderful helpful and
skillful brilliant and
new better and
workable slower but
deep brownlow and
tartary taurida and
french german and
fine pleasant and
deep brilliant and
soulful romantic and
blasphemous familistical and
more less or
high low and
unclean foul and
visible external and
uncivil inhuman and
laborious circuitous and
early complete and
late much and
brown sharpe's and
personal supra-personal and
greater lesser and
brown yellow or
general poetic and
serious important and
concrete factual and
sociological psychological and
more more and
varied wide-ranging and
arbitrary whimsical or
selective directional and
creative original and
expressive people-oriented and
familial other and
cognitive informational or
conformist traditionalistic and
complex large-scale and
economic political and
wary ambivalent and
intense deep and
personal social and
optimistic socially-oriented and
learned brilliant and
fine lovely and
kemble guest and
kemble lappenberg and
institutional agrarian and
gray finberg and
literary place-name and
archaeological place-name and
archaeological place-name and
great unexpected and
normal wholesome and
strong vociferous and
greek shakespearean and
brief dangerous and
noble hideous or
stable manifest and
nouvelle-heloise werther and
symbolic allegoric and
classic shakespearean and
private problematic and
moral poetic and
shakespearean romantic and
resonable conscionable and
good trustworthy and
impossible undesirable but
positive negative or
productive most and
west hugh and
intensive accurate and
industrial commercial and
old young or
black white and
political social or
political social and
necessary legitimate and
disorganized bewildered and
skillful unobtrusive and
political religious or
slow painful and
peaceful friendly and
goldfish pee-wee or
power-hungry money-hungry and
contemporary political and
humorous ironic and
secular religious and
academic literary and
white negro and
chinese japanese and
non-intellectual non-verbal and
active militant and
york-born jewish and
potent incredible and
third-rate modish but
unfortunate inevitable but
conscious unconscious and
natural upon and
nervous handsome and
tough square-built and
square-built adventurous and
full proper and
bold unsuccessful and
early spectacular and
absurd dramatic and
pleased enthusiastic and
prospective established and
personal real and
procurement technical and
current anticipated and
long- short-term and
substantial sustained and
fiscal monetary and
financial managerial and
economic political and
unwarranted unfriendly but
economic social and
political military or
economic social and
economic social and
social economic and
political military and
national local and
unpleasantness exciting and
great distinguished and
simple succinct and
national presidential and
progressive important and
personal professional and
characteristic most and
well-regulated pose and
rough dirty and
meaningful related and
tangible intangible and
tangible intangible and
fair equitable and
non-professional part-time and
staffed equipped and
different independent and
large larger or
real personal and
potential lucrative and
foreign domestic and
foreign domestic and
foreign domestic and
foreign domestic and
eastern midwestern and
foreign domestic and
complete comprehensive and
clear efficient and
uniform coordinated and
confused disgruntled and
due payable and
uniform coordinated and
transitional adjustment or
military civic and
strong effective and
present future and
large practical and
present prospective and
assemble maintain and
domestic foreign and
domestic foreign and
public private or
public private or
military civilian and
morphological experimental and
biological biochemical and
nuclear cosmic and
biophysical biological and
federal civilian and
medical scientific and
visual operable and
new projected and
nato south-east and
british canadian and
national international and
national international and
military civilian and
professional clinical and
larger smaller or
15- 25-liter and
necessary applicable nor
final conclusive and
final conclusive and
many complex and
central other and
dangerous harmful and
great authoritative and
military civilian and
low high or
33-1/3% more nor
upward downward or
maximum minimum and
heavy dense and
commercial industrial and
necessary appropriate and
automotive chemical and
1-a upheld and
full fair and
bureaucratic procedural or
unilateral multilateral or
ethnic other and
careful determined but
u.n. other and
diplomatic propaganda or
economic social and
young assist and
possible suppress and
new modern and
penetrating far-ranging and
intercontinental intermediate and
important difficult and
atmospheric manmade and
regional local or
military naval or
ordinary necessary and
ordinary necessary and
one- two-season or
intellectual artistic and
reliable imaginative and
optimistic resolute and
new important and
broader broader and
special semi-special and
noxious dangerous or
past future and
domestic foreign and
new improved or
moral religious and
graphic ceramic and
athletic academic and
industrial commercial and
industrial commercial and
electronic electrical and
printed modular and
electric musical and
scientific technological and
present future and
scientific technological and
accurate complete and
thermal non-thermal and
centimeter- decimeter-wave-length and
photographic schematic and
viscoelastic more or
gravitational osmotic or
x-ray experimental and
soft- hard-surface and
high- low-foam or
clean white and
lengthy expensive and
launder-ometer terg-o-tometer and
aqueous organic and
prepared analyzed and
more more and
visual radar and
daily diurnal and
second third and
solar-electromagnetic- corpuscular-radiation and
biological physical and
anatomical physiological and
neutral inversion or
toxic infectious or
partial low-grade or
anti-a anti-b and
complete incomplete and
anti-a anti-b and
homozygous heterozygous and
homozygous heterozygous and
third sixth and
anti-a anti-b and
anti-a anti-b and
continuous wide and
complete incomplete and
utah central and
initial ultimate and
anatomic physiologic or
short round and
long short and
early late and
mono- di-iodotyrosine and
mono- di-iodotyrosine and
sensitive precise and
chromatographic other and
fourth terminal and
atrophic irregularly and
small large and
glomerular interstitial and
direct indirect and
wolcyrz black and
specific nonspecific and
lee black and
ns af and
first second and
healthy crown or
black white and
littau black and
direct indirect and
first second and
direct indirect and
qualitative quantitative and
physiological pathological and
analeptic psychoactive and
autonomic clinical and
emotional perceptual and
physiological pathological and
physiological pathological and
experimental clinical and
functional reversible and
physiological pathological and
parasympathetic sympathetic and
experimental clinical and
neurotic psychotic and
diagonalizable n and
two-valued no-valued or
af af and
af af and
foresight careful and
disruptive dangerous and
technical other and
stable forward-moving and
economic social and
political social and
governmental private and
stable effective and
national local and
political administrative and
middle- upper-level and
centralized authoritarian and
more more and
rigid inflexible and
social professional and
open pluralistic and
democratic free and
american free-world and
legislative financial and
safe permanent and
ultimate eternal and
theistic humanistic or
self-contained self-sufficient or
highest ultimate or
intermediary subordinate and
unified strong and
extensive firm and
small large or
semi-public public and
deep disguised but
actual potential or
necessary healthy but
quick accurate and
medical financial and
individual collective and
important neglected but
early direct and
geographical social and
positive negative and
structural functional and
social non-social and
white negro and
physical social and
slight non-existent or
social cultural and
male female or
polygynous non-polygynous and
governmental royal or
economic social and
urban mixed and
political economic and
kohnstamm-negative kohnstamm-positive and
equal opposite and
internal environmental and
upper-lower lower-middle and
over- under-achievement or
high low and
strong weak and
military other and
high low and
quick accurate and
low intense but
varied intense and
chinese japanese or
chinese japanese and
difficult unsatisfactory and
simple straightforward and
loose-jointed complex and
compact uniform and
random unrelated and
diachronic classificatory and
concordant comparable and
geographical cultural and
labile vague or
greater less or
long earnest and
free unfettered and
democratic anti-nazi and
strong powerful and
russian western and
social economic and
internal international and
confidential known but
impartial standardized and
supplementary related and
louisiana several and
regional national or
regional national or
limited fragmentary and
public private or
available local or
long-run nation-wide and
unique individualized and
bullish bearish and
profound diverse and
easier easier and
cost-of-living productivity-share and
domestic international and
new different and
domestic international or
limited explicit and
immoral amoral or
static status-conscious and
needless inadequate but
beneficial detrimental or
statutory contractual or
bitter basic and
phony trumped-up and
conclusive issued and
physical intellectual and
unhappy insecure and
inferior insecure or
ethical moral and
actual pending or
actual pending and
white negro and
white negro and
white negro or
all-negro all-white or
all-negro all-white and
white negro and
white negro or
social economic and
upper-middle- lower-middle-class and
upper- upper-middle-class and
economic political or
upper-middle- upper-class and
upper- upper-middle-class or
middle- upper-class and
economic cultural and
economic cultural and
economic cultural and
common joint or
residential small and
residential commercial and
mathematical physical and
atomic subatomic or
philosophical logical and
empirical rational and
physiological biological and
descriptive empirical and
empirical mathematical and
slothful self-content and
analytical synthetic and
rational logical and
scientific delphic and
teleological prescriptive and
individual social or
ultimate irrational and
good bad and
true false or
good bad or
evil wrong or
ambiguous fail and
warm cold or
stable secure and
past future and
many more or
economic social and
necessary unfortunate but
old new and
aesthetic technical and
aesthetic logical and
social cultural and
ripe late or
dead alive or
aerial underground and
gay frivolous but
serious solemn but
poor dispossessed and
rich powerful and
peripheral central but
physical intellectual and
apostolic monastic and
spiritual religious and
positive municipal or
democratic secret and
eastern western and
generous philanthropic and
inappropriate savored and
fourth last and
new superior and
radical revolutionary and
eye-deceiving eye-undeceiving and
interchangeable contour-obliterating and
flat literal and
real sculptural and
highest best and
more more and
allegorical classical and
strong safe and
clear bright and
hard brilliant and
spotty uneven and
hot damp and
profound most and
irrelevant illogical and
constant indiscriminate and
aggressive warlike and
large friendly and
industrial scientific and
respective desired and
careful orderly and
large vigorous and
whole bright and
descriptive normative and
empirical analytic and
happy satisfied and
loose ambiguous and
firm clear and
quiet sturdy but
subtle well-educated and
direct unsophisticated and
calm protective and
grumble fight and
present time's and
personal private and
anglo-saxon greek and
common proper and
widest loosest and
verbal adverbial and
nominal adjectival and
frequent substantial and
grand exquisite or
ironic humorous or
handsome ironic or
ironic humorous or
germanic homeric or
useful pleasant or
symbolic mythic and
suggestive eccentric or
gothic mystery-story or
loose heavy and
moral psychological and
actual symbolic or
one- two-digit or
one- two-digit or
one- two-digit or
sectionalized multi-phase or
naval merchant and
enthusiastic vociferous and
more more and
astronomical current and
scientific technical and
ring-labeled carboxy-labeled and
electron-microscopical physical-chemical and
primary secondary and
hexagonal trigonal and
academic industrial and
inorganic organic and
x-ray electron and
inorganic organic and
atomic ionic and
useful revealing and
major desirable and
r af and
equal opposite and
fire-resistant self-extinguishing or
highest lowest and
wasteful uneconomical and
drip- line-drying or
pen indelible and
medical industrial or
magnetic electrostatic or
heavy bulky and
sensible practical and
small finite but
s-11 s-20 and
p-11 p-20 and
s-11 s-20 and
fundamental simple and
mechanical optical or
7-1 7-2 and
simple satisfactory and
tired full and
full calm and
slim-waisted spare and
small black-haired and
much didn't and
receptive interested and
poor ambitious and
underhanded furtive and
small dirty and
old dirty and
black white and
obsequious conciliatory and
magnificent beautiful and
dark ill-equipped and
larger more and
thin-lipped wide and
evil eternal and
blue cool and
reactionary lazy or
higher higher and
delighted jean and
better worse nor
tall short or
fine showy and
separate frozen and
terrible unreal and
cruel callous and
leavened unleavened or
old young or
fat thin or
good bad or
open close and
clear simple and
intense purposeful and
open eugene and
light bright and
old merry but
young sensitive and
careful detailed or
north south and
yellow black and
more more and
ukrainian baltic and
mysterious dramatic and
precious i and
smooth civil and
eileen i and
graphic impressive and
free unknown and
shelley mary and
small cheap and
social intellectual and
short stiff and
crowded unclean and
rough stupid and
complex reciprocal and
ripe full and
old dusty and
stern moralistic and
definite heavy and
spotless neat and
cool unwrinkled and
distinct audible and
reluctant alex but
empty alex and
young thin and
thin straight and
old gray and
mum nervous and
sweet schoolgirlish and
genuine unique and
dignified british and
undependable annoying and
loud clear and
loud clear and
first last and
steady clear and
loud clear and
wet hot and
damp mud-caked and
grunted slid and
sudden vicious and
vicious short but
one- two-line and
easy soft and
cold hot and
dark dry but
dry cool and
hysterical silly and
hysterical silly nor
silly sarah and
nervous worried and
colorful exuberant and
public police and
big-shouldered heavy-armed and
ruddy heavy and
heavy unlined and
big white and
white strong and
strong unquestionably and
long powerful and
solid heavy and
light-headed sick and
stiff glass-like and
respectable convenient and
good tired and
scarred ancient and
strong distinct and
quick urgent and
big tough and
old expensive and
open shut and
clean full and
black white and
young limp and
bright new and
lost tortured and
courteous casual and
small fine-boned and
high i and
gloomy unkempt and
small wiry but
large sad and
tired slept and
light gay and
gay clear-headed and
great glorious and
thin long but
logical deductive or
new different and
tentative most and
strange unfathomable and
strange alien and
rich unusual and
faulty i but
human instrumental and
visual sensory and
foolish snobbish and
companionable attractive and
dry hot and
red angry and
peaceful quiet and
red baggy and
white gold and
cold wild and
red black and
bigger bigger and
old young and
tall dark-skinned and
black deep-set and
careful methodical and
dewy-eyed soft and
calm peaceful and
mental physical and
proud unafraid and
dry hard and
hard stuck and
clung caressed and
low savage but
first second and
ready willing and
first most and
long narrow and
large powerful and
ormoc glide-bombed and
gray vanished and
open smashed-out or
white-shirted conservatively-cravated and
natural casual and
big dark and
young healthy and
large square and
major minor and
larger more and
noble pure and
flat featureless and
warm stale and
long graceful and
thirsty hungry and
higher stronger and
biggest strongest and
hazy uncertain and
sound light-headedness or
unhappy anxious and
hurried anxious and
different better and
high matsuo and
trigger-happy liquor-crazed and
dead injured or
full final and
tall skinny and
important enlightened and
nymphomaniac unobtrusively and
strong healthy and
older wiser or
new stirring and
oldest wealthiest and
bright friendly and
trusting inexperienced and
sweet sour and
low square and
high white and
wide long and
sallow time-cast and
dry comfortable and
comfortable fed and
sick tired and
beautiful haunting and
fifteen twenty or
attentive sweet and
sweet worried and
worried happy and
small pretty and
pretty gay and
gay papa and
white regular and
regular strong and
soft full and
upkeep shore and
natural important and
stern hopeful but
shorter fatter and
well-fed prosperous and
small cromwell and
safe sound and
ferocious desperate and
few suspicious and
mild-mannered respectful and
naive thick-skulled or
bad philip and
warmish foul and
numb prickly and
stupid crazy or
crazy immortal or
pale skinny and
unfrosted naked and
fine thin and
warm fat and
literary artistic and
large steady and
eloquent pleased and
proud indignant and
older younger or
thick clumsy and
deep warm and
short long or
brown fat and
red white and
blue kool-aid and
john linda and
bright handsome and
shallow frivolous and
frivolous scatterbrained and
attentive generous and
coy wouldn't and
flat dull and
busy i but
lean vital and
black slick and
anne george's and
young clean and
pink fuzzy and
small dainty and
dainty utterly and
black white or
chic splashy and
red black or
black green or
cold calculated and
flippant superficial and
twenty-two twenty-three or
clean bright and
multi-colored graceful and
arched tapered and
clear sharp and
sharp perfect and
green brown and
other interlaced and
clear bright and
alive warm and
clear black and
whole solid and
good satisfied and
strange wonderful and
wonderful somehow and
dry dusty and
dusty uncolored and
heavy i and
long dark and
warm newly-scrubbed and
dull gray-looking and
dead hideous and
tool-kit i and
laughed cady and
straight unyielding and
casual relaxed and
scabrous unclean and
lighthearted witty and
frothy deceptive and
bitter absurd and
hopeful better and
black white and
surprised dubious and
honest stupid and
evasive shifty and
bitter resentful and
pleasant charming and
helpful apologetic and
ungallant untrue and
distant irritable and
high dry and
rude insulting and
few unfavorable and
small most and
journalese vaudeville and
explicit precise nor
sick mad and
english american or
political intellectual and
foot-loose fancy-free and
screw-loose frenzy-free and
great noble and
normal predictable and
cordial loyal and
outspoken offbeat and
oriental african and
curious terrifying and