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reliable p
elaborate p
military p
golden p
successful p
absolute p
hot p
wrong n
effective n
enormous p
bitter n
responsible p
busy n
rich p
fair p
best p
unique p
right p
old n
creative p
respectable p
easy p
happy p
exact p
brilliant p
logical p
positive p
angry n
apparent n
optimal p
conscious p
modest n
open p
sad n
opposite n
voluntary p
average n
bright p
slow n
prime p
easier p
quiet n
tiny n
dark n
vague n
satisfactory n
intimate p
favorite p
mean n
lively p
complete p
handsome p
dirty n
certain p
tight n
original p
careful n
large n
small n
past n
full n
beautiful p
huge p
authentic p
fundamental p
major p
immediate p
artistic p
dependent n
whole p
drunk n
firm p
uncertain n
straight n
funny p
spectacular p
alert p
recent p
early n
concrete p
eager p
formal n
curious p
pale n
appropriate n
considerable p
mature p
occasional n
fresh p
conservative n
young p
magic p
anxious n
odd n
great p
technical p
exciting p
thin n
high p
educational p
doubtful n
perfect p
intelligent p
delightful p
ethical n
painful n
vigorous p
false n
gentle p
so-called n
rough n
principal p
familiar p
lucky p
willing p
generous p
mere n
evident p
official p
smooth p
desirable p
worth p
above p
total p
negative n
ordinary n
meaningful p
safe p
reasonable p
standard p
genuine p
convenient p
subtle p
adequate n
unable n
ill n
tough n
flexible p
independent p
evil n
musical p
dead n
absent n
maximum p
emotional p
stronger p
abstract p
grateful p
upper p
helpless n
uniform n
extra p
live p
productive p
explicit p
typical n
cold n
still n
inevitable n
honest p
blind n
striking p
impossible n
silent n
tragic n
objective n
steady p
professional p
poetic p
noble p
severe n
valuable p
real p
equivalent n
uneasy n
greater p
low n
valid p
poor n
casual p
loose n
strong p
marginal n
mysterious p
heavy n
earliest p
heroic p
terrible n
substantial p
clear p
clean p
latest p
pretty p
famous p
close n
probable p
unconscious n
sensitive p
experimental p
empty n
ready p
grand p
temporary n
older n
popular p
minimal n
newer p
dull n
similar n
acceptable n
friendly p
commercial n
worthy p
charming p
wonderful p
dominant p
front p
special p
prospective n
powerful p
endless p
gray n
desperate n
precious p
competent p
strange n
accurate p
distant n
prominent p
necessary n
broad p
final n
additional p
highest p
universal p
dynamic p
sorry n
vast p
likely p
new p
active p
dry n
suitable p
warm p
amazing p
massive p
frequent p
better p
crucial n
linear n
peculiar n
modern p
regular n
colorful p
fascinating p
basic n
lovely p
ugly n
neat p
just n
royal p
dear p
bold p
intellectual p
classic p
unexpected p
tangent n
sympathetic p
rigid n
crazy n
pure p
mad n
destructive n
tall n
interesting p
rational p
correct p
worse n
long n
little n
efficient p
potential n
normal n
precise p
contemporary p
secondary n
stupid n
relative n
capable p
dramatic n
promising p
middle n
sudden n
different n
extensive p
critical p
moderate n
unusual n
practical p
skilled p
sophisticated p
romantic p
deep p
important p
remote n
further n
narrow n
distinct p
particular n
minimum n
sacred p
late n
good p
hard n
thick n
pleasant p
extraordinary p
favorable p
contrary n
bad n
significant p
fine p
nervous n
unhappy n
common n
individual p
foreign n
simple n
expensive n
secret n
solid p
big p
magnificent p
back p
strongest p
constant p
literary p
entire p
extreme p
obvious n
ambiguous n
fortunate p
sexual p
comfortable n
unlikely n
preliminary n
enthusiastic p
equal p
relevant p
tremendous p
plain n
usual n
domestic p
smart p
soft p
classical p
alive p
proper p
slight n
actual p
functional p
biggest p
wise p
dangerous n
consistent p
direct p
visible p
excellent p
widespread p
ultimate p
complex p
eternal p
free p
primary n
philosophical p
top p
raw n
thorough p
greatest p
random n
automatic n
weak n
afraid n
able p
arbitrary n
specific p
primitive n
serious n
remarkable p
cool p
impressive p
quick p
healthy p
guilty n
vivid p
sharp p
vital p
exclusive p
lonely n
realistic p
wide n
ideal p
sure p
proud p
hungry n
senior n
true p
naked n
subsequent n
definite p
cheap n
key p
peaceful p
delicate p
violent n
longer n
separate n
present p
far n
fat n
worst n
brief n
wild p
faint n
minor n
flat n
glad p
short n
bigger p
inherent p
radical n
double p
outstanding p
traditional p
bare n
distinctive p
numerous p
sweet p
due n
higher p
lower n
competitive p
essential p
intense p
fast p
characteristic p
nice p
smaller n
light n
superior p
permanent p
profound p
organic p
unknown n
operational p
available p
decent n
sufficient n
largest p
difficult n
excessive n
rapid n
attractive p
identical n
helpful p
rare p
larger p
inadequate n
mutual n
incredible p
systematic p
wooden n
psychological p
holy p
democratic p
financial p
academic p
corporate n
innocent p
possible p
pertinent p
theological p
defensive n
federal p
liberal p
ambitious p
variable n
spiritual p
current p
theoretical p
visual p
natural p
ridiculous n
aggressive n
personal p
structural p
racial p
divine p
scientific p
slender p
social p
intensive p
fatal n
constitutional p
historic p
progressive p
tangible p
representative p
empirical p
shorter n
comprehensive p
collective p
medical p
legal p
broader p
elementary n
legislative p
metaphysical p
artificial n
explosive p
weary n
optimistic p
imaginary n
deadly n
magnetic p
physiological n
aware p
present-day p
earlier n
unfortunate n
electronic p
historical p
grave n
wider p
beloved p
abrupt n
comparative p
humble p
constructive p
formidable p
sovereign p
clinical p
muscular p
physical p
mechanical n
loyal p
brave p
angular n
rugged p
earnest p
verbal p
religious n
selective p
excess n
conventional n
spontaneous p
revolutionary p
useless n
sturdy p
damp n
dusty n
costly n
informal p
mathematical p
urgent p
economic p
savage n
Homeric p
nonspecific n
infinite p
stiff n
circular n
hostile n
overwhelming p
legitimate p
horrible n
ample p
medieval n
compatible p
subjective n
neutral n
persistent p
fantastic p
moral p
calm p
vicious n
cosmic p
silly n
planetary p
deeper p
near n
human p
nude n
unnecessary n
initial n
unpleasant n
dim n
international p
useful p
nearest p
main p
continuous p
surprising p
analytic p
sound p
gross n
notable p
decisive p
suburban n
cooperative p
applicable p
disastrous n
mental p
giant p
foolish n
humorous p
ashamed n
frank p
finest p
strategic p
intermediate p
absurd n
exceptional p
routine n
glorious p
simpler n
female p
confident p
Communist n
welcome p
supreme p
naive n
feasible p
splendid p
sober p
ballistic n
orderly p
technological p
lesser n
cultural p
indirect n
indispensable p
symbolic p
diplomatic n
aesthetic p
multiple p
sentimental p
well-known p
optical p
kind p
electric p
startling p
political p
tentative n
stable p
apt p
clever p
infectious p
closer p
crude n
meaningless n
ideological p