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UConn CSE4704 Course Project Fall 2016 Semester Gavin Li & Jessica Li

This course project, titled Greedy Permutations, intents to visualize the process of finding the greedy permutation of a set of points in 2 dimensional space. The user will be able to input a set of points by clicking on an interactive area. Once the complete set is received, the user will give a radius value and see the minimum number of circles drawn with that radium to encompass the entire set.

The greedy algorithm randomly selects a beginning point to start the greedy permutation. Once completed, the program will take user input and display the points in the greedy permutation with circles of the given radius value. It will illustrate how all the points are covered by these radii.

The current state of the project is an executable python program that simply takes in points from the user. To test, download the folder corresponding to your operating system and run the executable (Currently only supports windows).

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