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HTML5 Boilerplate homepage | Documentation table of contents


HTML5 Boilerplate's CSS includes:

This starting CSS does not rely on the presence of conditional class names, conditional style sheets, or Modernizr, and it is ready to use no matter what your development preferences happen to be.


In order to make browsers render all elements more consistently and in line with modern standards, we include Normalize.css — a modern, HTML5-ready alternative to CSS resets.

As opposed to CSS resets, Normalize.css:

  • targets only the styles that need normalizing
  • preserves useful browser defaults rather than erasing them
  • corrects bugs and common browser inconsistencies
  • improves usability with subtle improvements
  • doesn't clutter the debugging tools
  • has better documentation

For more information about Normalize.css, please refer to its project page.


Several base styles are included that build upon Normalize.css. These styles:

  • provide basic typography settings that improve text readability
  • protect against unwanted text-shadow during text highlighting
  • tweak the default alignment of some elements (e.g.: img, video, fieldset, textarea)
  • style the prompt that is displayed to users using an outdated browser
  • and more...

These styles are included in main.css. See the main.css project documentation for a full discussion of these styles.

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