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function dwdt = defl(x,w)
%For ODE45 script - recursively defines fourth order ODE for deflection
%given q=0 and P=0, x and w used by ODE45 to solve for deflection over
%Initialize Constants
E = 70*10^9; %Pa
dens = 2700; %kg/m^3
b = 0.1; %m
h = 0.01; %m
l = 1; %m
%Placeholder frequency
freq = 150;
%Derived variables
I = (b*(h^3))/12; % m^4
area = b*h; %m^2
%Define constant K to simplify recursive functions for ODE
k = (dens*area*(freq^2))/(E*I);
dwdt = [w(2);w(3);w(4);k*w(1)];
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