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Rachael Berry

A humble brag

As a Junior majoring in Digital Media in Design, I spend most of my time designing content and drinking more coffee than I care to admit. When not at school I enjoy traveling, working out and painting. Fun Facts: I spent the spring semester in the Netherlands, I have 10 screws in my body, and I survived my first mini triathlon last summer.

On a more professional note; I am interested in obtaining an internship for a firm that can utilize my marketing, design, and management skills to propel it's company forward. Looking to grow professionally and personally with a company on the forefront of technology, marketing and innovation. I enjoy artistic endeavors related to motion graphics and web design but also have an emerging passion for UX and am excited for future creative projects that can carry more weight in terms of data and research.

Check out my Resume.


Little bit of everything.

Nutmeg Publishing

Graphic Design



Marketing Materials


Motion Graphics


Zine work


Video Editing


Studio Art

New Year, New Projects

Sneak peak of what I'm working on right now

Site Redesign

UConn Sport Business Conference

Helped condense and redesign an event page for UConn's Sport Business Association. Register or just take a peek here!

Maker Spaces

Collaboration with UConn OPIM Dept

This is a group of students and faculty interested in working, researching, and doing projects in the OPIM research lab and innovation spaces.

Digital Humanities

King Philips War Georefrencing project

Working with a Digital Humanities professor to investigate how the view from Mt. Wachusett influenced King Philips raid throughout the colonies in 1675-76. Working towards publishing a site, and communicating a narrative through interactive maps.

Product Research


Conducting product research to help Shelf.io get their knowledge managment platform through it's Beta phase and solve on-boarding problems that current users are facing.

CSS Animation

Web Design

Self-Directed learning into an advanced CSS animations assignment for my Advanced Web class. Check out what my site looks like so far!

Due Diligence Report

Group project for a Business Plan

Semester long project that invlolves coming up with a marketable product, writing a Business Plan, developing an elevator pitch and conducting primary and secondary market research.


Call me beep me if you want to reach me