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Dear LLNCS user,
The files in this directory belong to the LaTeX2e package for
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) of Springer-Verlag.
It consists of the following files:
readme.txt this file
history.txt the version history of the package
llncs.cls the LaTeX2e document class
llncs.dem the sample input file
llncs.doc the documentation of the class (LaTeX source)
llncsdoc.pdf the documentation of the class (PDF version)
llncsdoc.sty the modification of the class for the documentation
llncs.ind an external (faked) author index file
subjidx.ind subject index demo from the Springer book package
llncs.dvi the resultig DVI file (remember to use binary transfer!)
sprmindx.sty supplementary style file for MakeIndex
(usage: makeindex -s sprmindx.sty <yourfile.idx>)
splncs03.bst current LNCS BibTeX style with aphabetic sorting
aliascnt.sty part of the Oberdiek bundle; allows more control over
the counters associated to any numbered item
remreset.sty by David Carlisle
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