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Version history for the LLNCS LaTeX2e class
date filename version action/reason/acknowledgements
29.5.96 letter.txt beta naming problems (subject index file)
thanks to Dr. Martin Held, Salzburg, AT
subjindx.ind renamed to subjidx.ind as required
by llncs.dem
history.txt introducing this file
30.5.96 llncs.cls incompatibility with new article.cls of
1995/12/20 v1.3q Standard LaTeX document class,
\if@openbib is no longer defined,
reported by Ralf Heckmann and Graham Gough
solution by David Carlisle
10.6.96 llncs.cls problems with fragile commands in \author field
reported by Michael Gschwind, TU Wien
25.7.96 llncs.cls revision a corrects:
wrong size of text area, floats not \small,
some LaTeX generated texts
reported by Michael Sperber, Uni Tuebingen
16.4.97 all files 2.1 leaving beta state,
raising version counter to 2.1
8.6.97 llncs.cls 2.1a revision a corrects:
unbreakable citation lists, reported by
Sergio Antoy of Portland State University
11.12.97 llncs.cls 2.2 "general" headings centered; two new elements
for the article header: \email and \homedir;
complete revision of special environments:
\newtheorem replaced with \spnewtheorem,
introduced the theopargself environment;
two column parts made with multicol package;
add ons to work with the hyperref package
07.01.98 llncs.cls 2.2 changed \email to simply switch to \tt
25.03.98 llncs.cls 2.3 new class option "oribibl" to suppress
changes to the thebibliograpy environment
and retain pure LaTeX codes - useful
for most BibTeX applications
16.04.98 llncs.cls 2.3 if option "oribibl" is given, extend the
thebibliograpy hook with "\small", suggested
by Clemens Ballarin, University of Cambridge
20.11.98 llncs.cls 2.4 pagestyle "titlepage" - useful for
compilation of whole LNCS volumes
12.01.99 llncs.cls 2.5 counters of orthogonal numbered special
environments are reset each new contribution
27.04.99 llncs.cls 2.6 new command \thisbottomragged for the
actual page; indention of the footnote
made variable with \fnindent (default 1em);
new command \url that copys its argument
2.03.00 llncs.cls 2.7 \figurename and \tablename made compatible
to babel, suggested by Jo Hereth, TU Darmstadt;
definition of \url moved \AtBeginDocument
(allows for url package of Donald Arseneau),
suggested by Manfred Hauswirth, TU of Vienna;
\large for part entries in the TOC
16.04.00 llncs.cls 2.8 new option "orivec" to preserve the original
vector definition, read "arrow" accent
17.01.01 llncs.cls 2.9 hardwired texts made polyglot,
available languages: english (default),
french, german - all are "babel-proof"
20.06.01 splncs.bst public release of a BibTeX style for LNCS,
nobly provided by Jason Noble
14.08.01 llncs.cls 2.10 TOC: authors flushleft,
entries without hyphenation; suggested
by Wiro Niessen, Imaging Center - Utrecht
23.01.02 llncs.cls 2.11 fixed footnote number confusion with
\thanks, numbered institutes, and normal
footnote entries; error reported by
Saverio Cittadini, Istituto Tecnico
Industriale "Tito Sarrocchi" - Siena
28.01.02 llncs.cls 2.12 fixed footnote fix ; error reported by
Chris Mesterharm, CS Dept. Rutgers - NJ
28.01.02 llncs.cls 2.13 fixed the fix (programmer needs vacation)
17.08.04 llncs.cls 2.14 TOC: authors indented, smart \and handling
for the TOC suggested by Thomas Gabel
University of Osnabrueck
07.03.06 splncs.bst fix for BibTeX entries without year; patch
provided by Jerry James, Utah State University
14.06.06 splncs_srt.bst a sorting BibTeX style for LNCS, feature
provided by Tobias Heindel, FMI Uni-Stuttgart
16.10.06 llncs.dem 2.3 removed affiliations from \tocauthor demo
11.12.07 llncs.doc note on online visibility of given e-mail address
15.06.09 splncs03.bst new BibTeX style compliant with the current
requirements, provided by Maurizio "Titto"
Patrignani of Universita' Roma Tre
30.03.10 llncs.cls 2.15 fixed broken hyperref interoperability;
patch provided by Sven Koehler,
Hamburg University of Technology
15.04.10 llncs.cls 2.16 fixed hyperref warning for informatory TOC entries;
introduced \keywords command - finally;
blank removed from \keywordname, flaw reported
by Armin B. Wagner, IGW TU Vienna
15.04.10 llncs.cls 2.17 fixed missing switch "openright" used by \backmatter;
flaw reported by Tobias Pape, University of Potsdam
27.09.13 llncs.cls 2.18 fixed "ngerman" incompatibility; solution provided
by Bastian Pfleging, University of Stuttgart
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