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% remreset package
% Copyright 1997 David carlisle
% This file may be distributed under the terms of the LPPL.
% See 00readme.txt for details.
% 1997/09/28 David Carlisle
% LaTeX includes a command \@addtoreset that is used to declare that
% a counter should be reset every time a second counter is incremented.
% For example the book class has a line
% \@addtoreset{footnote}{chapter}
% So that the footnote counter is reset each chapter.
% If you wish to bas a new class on book, but without this counter
% being reset, then standard LaTeX gives no simple mechanism to do
% this.
% This package defines |\@removefromreset| which just undoes the effect
% of \@addtorest. So for example a class file may be defined by
% \LoadClass{book}
% \@removefromreset{footnote}{chapter}
\expandafter\let\csname c@#1\endcsname\@removefromreset
\expandafter\ifx\csname c@##1\endcsname\@removefromreset
\expandafter\xdef\csname cl@#2\endcsname{%
\csname cl@#2\endcsname}}}
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