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\ProvidesClass{usetex-v1}[2002/10/31 v1.2 usetex Usenix article class]
% usetex-v1.cls - to be used with LaTeX2e for Usenix articles
% To use this style file, do this:
% \documentclass{usetex-v1}
% The following definitions are modifications of standard article.cls
% definitions, arranged to do a better job of matching the Usenix
% guidelines. and make for convenient Usenix paper writing
% Choose the appropriate option:
% 1. workingdraft:
% For initial submission and shepherding. Features prominent
% date, notice of draft status, page numbers, and annotation
% facilities.
% 2. proof:
% A galley proof identical to the final copy except for page
% numbering and proof date on the bottom. Annotations are
% removed.
% 3. webversion:
% A web-publishable version, uses \docstatus{} to indicate
% publication information (where and when paper was published),
% and page numbers.
% 4. finalversion:
% The final camera-ready-copy (CRC) version of the paper.
% Published in conference proceedings. This doesn't include
% page numbers, annotations, or draft status (Usenix adds
% headers, footers, and page numbers onto the CRC).
% If several are used, the last one in this list wins
% In addition, the option "endnotes" permits the use of the
% otherwise-disabled, Usenix-deprecated footnote{} command in
% documents. In this case, be sure to include a
% \makeendnotes command at the end of your document or
% the endnotes will not actually appear.
\newif\if@draftcopy \newif\ifworkingdraft
\newif\ifproof \DeclareOption{proof}{\prooftrue\@draftcopytrue}
% pass all other options to the article class
% actually process the options
% usetex is based on article
% Footnotes are not currently allowed, but
% endnotes (while a bad idea) are.
% save any provided document status information
% formatting helper for draft notes
% put a small anonymous editing note in the draft copy
\newcommand{\edannote}[1]{{\@noteleader[note] (#1)}}
% put a small attributed editing note in the draft copy
\newcommand{\edatnote}[2]{{\@noteleader[#1] #2}}
% put an attributed editing note paragraph in the draft copy
% mark a spot where work has been left off for later
% dummy versions of editing commands to produce warnings
{Leftover edannote command in final version ignored}}
{Leftover edatnote command in final version ignored}}
{Leftover ednote environment in final version ignored}%
{Leftover HERE command in final version ignored}}
% set up the footers appropriately
% webversions get whatever status the author says
\gdef\@evenfoot{\@docstatus \hfil \thepage}%
% all other drafts get the standard draft footer
\gdef\@evenfoot{\textbf{Draft:} \@draftdate\hfil \textbf{Page:} \thepage}%
% Usenix wants no page numbers for submitted papers, so that
% they can number them themselves. Drafts should have
% numbered pages, so they can be edited.
% Compute a date and time for the draft for use
% either in \@setfoot (proof) or in \maketitle (workingdraft)
% Time code adapted from custom-bib/makebst.tex
% Copyright 1993-1999 Patrick W Daly
% Max-Planck-Institut f\"ur Aeronomie
% E-mail:
\divide\hour by 60
\multiply\minute by 60
\advance\minute by -\time
\multiply\minute by -1
% Times-Roman font is nice if you can get it (requires NFSS,
% which is in latex2e).
% endnote support, as described at
{Warning: endnotes support is deprecated (see documentation for details)}
\def\enoteformat{\rightskip\z@ \leftskip\z@
\@theenmark. }
{Deprecated footnote command (see documentation for details)}}
{Deprecated endnote command (see documentation for details)}}
% Usenix margins
% Gives active areas of 6.45" x 9.0"
% The standard maketitle insists on
% messing with the style of the first page.
% Thus, we will wrap maketitle with code to put
% things right again.
\let \save@maketitle=\maketitle
% Usenix titles are in 14-point bold type, with no date, and with no
% change in the empty page headers. The author section is
% 12 point roman and italic: see below.
\vskip 3ex%
\let \footnote \thanks
{\Large \bf \@title \par}% % use 14 pt bold
\vskip 2ex%
\lineskip .5ex%
\vskip 3ex \textbf{Draft of \@draftdate} \vskip 3ex
\vskip 3ex \textbf{\@docstatus} \vskip 3ex
\vskip 2ex}
% The author section
% should have names in Roman, address in
% italic, e-mail/http in typewriter.
% This is enforced by use of these macros
\def\authurl#1{{\normalsize #1}\\}
% The abstract is preceded by a 12-pt bold centered heading
{\large\bf \abstractname\vspace{-.5ex}\vspace{\z@}}%
% Main section titles are 12-pt bold. Lower divisions can
% be same size or smaller: we choose same.
% Main section leading is tight. Subsection leading is even
% slightly tighter. All lower divisions are formatted like subsections.
plus -0.1\baselineskip
minus -0.1\baselineskip}
plus 0.1\baselineskip}
plus -0.1\baselineskip}
\renewcommand\section{\@startsection {section}{1}{\z@}%
\newcommand\@gensubsection[2]{\@startsection {#1}{#2}{\z@}%
{1.25ex \@plus 0.2ex \@minus 0.2ex}%
{1.25ex \@plus 0.2ex \@minus 0.2ex}%
% List items need to be tightened up.
% There must be a better way than copying
% the definitions to modify the list environment...
% now make envs use itemspacings
\ifnum \@itemdepth >\thr@@\@toodeep\else
\ifnum \@enumdepth >\thr@@\@toodeep\else
\csname label\@enumctr\endcsname
\list{}{\labelwidth\z@ \itemindent-\leftmargin
% Bibliography items need to be tightened up.
% Again, there must be a better way than copying
% the definitions to modify the list environment...
\parsep=0pt}% pack entries
\hbadness=8000% mostly don't whine about bibliography fmt
% Floating bodies need to be tightened up.
\setlength\textfloatsep{14pt plus 2pt}
\setlength\abovecaptionskip{8pt minus 2pt}
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