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Homework #1

due 1/24/17

  1. The first assignment is to fork the course syllabus and assignment.

    a. Sign into your UConn github account via

Step 1

Step 2

b. Go to
and watch the repository. 

c. Fork the repository to create your own version of the syllabus and assignments. 
  1. The next assignment is to create your own repository named homework_1.

    a. (if you signed out) Sign into your UConn github account via

    b. Follow these steps to create your own repository named homework_1:

     i. Click the +-sign and choose 'New repository'

Step 3

    ii. In the 'Repository name' enter 'homework_1'. Add a description. Make it
    private. Then check the box 'Initialize this repository with a README'. 

Step 4

    iii. Now you are in your repo. Click on the file and then click the
    pencil to edit it. 

Step 5

    iv. Add a header with a `#` and type `# Answer to Homework Question`. Under this
    line answer this question: What do you hope to learn this semester?

Step 6

    v. At bottom of page, click 'Commit changes'.

Step 7

    vi. Verify that your file has been updated. Then copy the HTTPS clone
    URL on the right of the page. 

Step 8

    vii. Paste this into the Homework #1 Google form reponse.
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