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\BOOKMARK [2][-]{subsection.0.1}{My question from last class}{}% 1
\BOOKMARK [2][-]{subsection.0.2}{Your questions from last class}{}% 2
\BOOKMARK [1][-]{section.1}{Matrix Inverse and Condition}{}% 3
\BOOKMARK [2][-]{subsection.1.1}{Condition of a matrix}{section.1}% 4
\BOOKMARK [3][-]{subsubsection.1.1.1}{just checked in to see what condition my condition was in}{subsection.1.1}% 5
\BOOKMARK [3][-]{subsubsection.1.1.2}{Matrix norms}{subsection.1.1}% 6
\BOOKMARK [3][-]{subsubsection.1.1.3}{Condition of Matrix}{subsection.1.1}% 7
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