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Homework #2

due 2/3/17

  1. Now that you have created your own repository, 'homework_1', that has a file. Create a new file in this repository called setdefaults.m. This file is a matlab/octave script that will set default plotting parameters. In this file, add the following lines:

    set(0, 'defaultAxesFontSize', 16)

    Commit the changes to your repository.

    projectile(v_mag,theta) predicts the height of the projectile based upon initial velocity and position, as see in the Figure

  2. Clone your 'homework_1' repository to your own computer. Now, we want to create a function that uses kinematic formulas to predict the path of a projectile. The dimensions are taken from official dart board dimensions darts. Create a function, projectile.m that will calculate the location of an object with an initial velocity. The function inputs are v_mag (initial speed), theta (initial angle). The output is the height of the object 2.37 m from its starting position. Assume g=9.81 m/s^2 and its initial height is 1.72 m.

    >> h=projectile(v_mag,theta)
      h= 1

    In addition to the output of h-height at 2.37 m-plot the path of the object from its initial position to its position at 2.37 m away from the start. Note: use your setdefaults.m to set the plot defaults before outputting the result.

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