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This README is for building rapla from source. You will find more information on our
documentation pages on
1. Get the source:
To get the Source-Distribution download it from
If you want to checkout the latest developmant version read the
faq-entry on
2. Build Rapla:
We use the ant tool for our build process. Ant is the java-equivalent to make
Look at for more information. If you don't want
to use Ant read the FAQS on for alternative building.
Use the following batch files to start the ant.jar included with
the rapla source distribution. (Linux/Unix)
build.bat (Win)
call build (win NT/2000)
Calling build with no arguments will create a Binary-Distribution
in the sub-folder dist. There you will find the scripts to start rapla. (SEE INSTALL.txt)
You can call build with different arguments, e.g.:
choose-target Executes the target specified in
(default) Default target is dist-bin.
dist-bin Creates a new Binary-Distribution in the folder dist.
build Builds a new rapla.jar in the build sub-folder
run Creates a new Binary-Distribution and runs it.
clean Deletes the build sub-folder
clean-dist Deletes the dist sub-folder
javadocs create the Javadoc in the build sub-folder
webapp Build a special distribution for Applet or Webstart deployment (see 3)
Pass the target as a parameter to ant
e.g. dist-bin
For a complete list of all targets use the -projecthelp option
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