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  1. John Butler, Antonia Lewis and Astha Patni's term project for CSE 4095, Spring 2016. Our topic is Sentiment Analysis.

    Python 2 Built by @job13011 @adl13006 @asp10012
  2. UConn CSE SDP Project 16 : Smart Hotels

    Python 1 Built by @rji13001 @abg13009 @chs13013
  3. Data Modeling of Gene Expressions

    Python 1 Built by @njp15106
  4. Python 1 Built by @ofk13001 @kjb14001 @jah12014 @pmi12001
  5. Implementing Google's PageRank algorithm (Python)

    Python 1 Built by @sib12004
  6. Python 1 Built by @srk13007 @nim18004 @eam15110
  7. Notes for learning Python 3 from SoloLearn

  8. Python 6 Built by @zhs04001 @xix14011
  9. Python Built by @jjv14001
  10. Generates the required number of subdivisions to accurately show the Bézier curve corresponding to the provided stick knot

    Python Built by @pdz10001
  11. Bayesian Inference of Phylogeny with Python

    Python Built by @sun13005
  12. Website for HPC Intro workshop

    Python Built by @pan14001
  13. Experimental phylogeny scripts in python

    Python Built by @sun13005
  14. Python
  15. UConn CSE4704 Course Project

    Python Built by @gal11002 @jyl11001
  16. Python Built by @sah12012 @pdz10001
  17. Python scripts for the score comparison/checking

    Python Built by @mjr14019
  18. CSE 2102 group project: Trevor Phillips, Ravi Patel, Dan Camilliere

  19. Software repo for our QKD Network Journal work

    Python Built by @Omar
  20. script files that were used to construct and analyze git-hub MSR14 data.

  21. Python
  22. Python
  23. Python Built by @stl08007
  24. Programming Problem 1: Given list of input strings, use LP to find center string.

    Python Built by @stl08007
  25. Count all the genetics concepts learned in the MCB 2410 course in a semester.

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