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  1. Create h2o cluster in SLURM

    Shell 1 Built by @pan14001
  2. Semi-automated installer that setups Git, GitExtensions, and KDiff3. Also generates your SSH key for you.

    Shell 1 1 Built by @ejr06006
  3. Shell Built by @teb11007 @zhs15101
  4. first and second level analysis of your data

    Shell 4
  5. HW2: BIDS

    Shell 8
  6. HW2: BIDS

    Shell 8
  7. HW2: BIDS

    Shell 8
  8. HW2: BIDS

    Shell 8
  9. HW2: BIDS

    Shell 8
  10. How I setup TLS for Docker. I needed to do this to enable TLS communication between containers.

  11. Shell Built by @yuf17006
  12. Shell Built by @mux13001
  13. IBM mmapplypolicy migration scripts from /scratch to gpfs2

    Shell Built by @pan14001
  14. Parallel backup of gpfs2 to scratchfs1

  15. Shell 1 Built by @ret15108
  16. Software build automation and modulefile installer

    Shell Built by @pan14001
  17. Bash scripts to clean directories like /scratch, /work, etc.

    Shell Built by @pan14001
  18. Example LAMMPS compilation for ticket 31775

    Shell Built by @pan14001
  19. Files for HPC Intermediate workshop lesson:

    Shell Built by @pan14001
  20. Shell
  21. Shell
  22. GNU Parallel setup for SLURM

    Shell Built by @pan14001
  23. R and Python system updater script for CGI room 202 computers

    Shell Built by @pan14001
  24. various dockerfiles

    Shell Built by @andrew
  25. Shell
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