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Theme Name: Cornerstone
Author: UConn Web Development Lab
Description: Parent theme for University of Connecticut
Version: 4
Text Domain: cs
$icon-font-path: "../../global/bootstrap-3.3.4/fonts/bootstrap/" !default;
@import "../../global/bootstrap-3.3.4/stylesheets/_bootstrap.scss";
@import "sass/_variables.scss";
@import "sass/_utilities.scss";
@import "sass/_fonts.scss";
@import "sass/_titlebar.scss";
@import "sass/_nav.scss";
@import "sass/_header-image.scss";
@import "sass/_widgets.scss";
@import "sass/_buttons.scss";
@import "sass/_content.scss";
@import "sass/_captions.scss";
@import "sass/_alignments.scss";
@import "sass/_galleries.scss";
@import "sass/_media.scss";
@import "sass/_link-flags.scss";
@import "sass/_accessibility.scss";
@import "sass/_table-stripper.scss";
@import "sass/_uup.scss";
@import "sass/_ucpeople.scss";
@import "sass/_cal.scss";
@import "sass/_in-page-menus.scss";
@import "sass/_footer.scss";
@import "sass/_page-builder.scss";
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