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CSE 3666 - Spring 2023

This repo is for CSE 3666 in Spring 2023. We will use multiple platforms this semester.

  • HuskyCT. Most of the course materials, including syllabus, schedule, lecture slides, and homework assignments, will be posted in HuskyCT. We will also use it for online quizzes.

    Here is the Blackboard help center for students

  • Gradescope. We will use Gradescope to grade most of the lab assignments and some homework questions. The submission links will be created in HuskyCT.

    Here are the instructions for submitting an assignment on Gradescope.

  • This repo. Lab assignments will be posted here. The submission portals/links are in HuskyCT.

  • iClicker. For lecture participations.

  • Discord server. For online discussions.

  • CSE 3666 supplementary materials in a public repo

Your submitted work in lab, homework, quiz, exam, etc. should be clean and tidy. Always write good, concise comments in code.

When grading coding questions manually, we check the correctness but also the quality. For example, RISC-V idioms should be recognized and written properly. Some idioms are listed on this page. In addition, good code should be easy to read.

File storage

Important: Save your files to cloud storage like OneDrive. Local storage on lab computers or UConn AnyWare Desktop may be purged.

As of January 2023, UITS has enabled OneDrive on UConn Anyware Desktop. The File Explorer has a link (OneDrive - University of Connecticut) to the user's OneDrive folder. In PowerShell, the folder "OneDrive - University of Connecticut" is in the user's home directory. The files can also be accessed with the Web interace through


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