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A simple git-flow exercise
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Intro to Git Flow Exercise


You're developing a new website that is launching in two weeks. You're almost finished, but the boss man is on your butt with a bunch of random fixes that he thinks are important. Use Git Flow to manage this repository and launch the new website.

Week 1

The boss man asks you to add a "Home" icon to the navigation menu of the website. His wife saw it somewhere and he thinks that we need one too. Time to create a feature branch and make these changes.

Week 2

Launch week! You're hard work is about to pay off. Let's create a release and push this baby to production! Don't forget to update the Change Log.

Week 3

Whoops. Boss man is pissed. He noticed that you forgot to update the copyright information at the bottom of the page. We need to fix this right away. There's no time to wait for the next release. We need a hotfix.

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