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Knuckle's Adventure

Knuckle's Adventure


Knuckle's Adventure is a 2D sidecrolling game made using (C)SEGA property including characters, and level tilesets.


Action Button
Movement Arrow Keys
Jumping 'W' Key
Gliding 'E' Key
Ring Blast 'F' Key
Punching 'R' Key

#####Objectives Use Knuckle's ability to travel across the map, but beware of hazards.


  • Main Menu Audio isn't working correctly.
  • HUD disapears after any attack.
  • Game crashed if chacacters leaves screen limitations.
  • Punching animation needs fixing, ans causing game changing crash when used.
  • When enimies are facing the left, their width triple's in size.
  • Character Doesn't die when he loses all of his health.
  • 5th moto-bug gets stuck when he reaches a certain point.
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