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Geometric separators project for CSE 4095 (Computational Geometry).
This application is based off the paper [**Geometric Separators and the Parabolic Lift** by Don Sheehy](
demonstrates usage of a new algorithm for finding a geometric separator for 2-D points.


The simple Processing program will allow you input a number of 2-D Euclidean points using a mouse and calculate the geometric separator. Tentatively, you will also be able to provide a file of predefined points (e.g. .csv format).


Click the mouse anywhere on the canvas to create a new input point. When you have completed your input, either press 'Reset.' to clear it or 'Calculate.' to find the separator.


The program will visualize several components of the algorthm:

* Highlights the estimated centerpoint for your input.
* Shows the separator in relation to your input.
* Outputs the numerical information associated with the above.
* Perhaps more...

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