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Geometric separators project for CSE 4095 (Computational Geometry).
This program is based off the paper [Geometric Separators and the Parabolic Lift]( by Don Sheehy. It implements a new algorithm to calculate a geometric separator for a set of 2D input points.


This Java program will allow you to input 2D
This Processing program will allow you to input a number of 2D points and will calculate the geometric separator for the input set. It will graphically show the centerpoint and the spherical separator projected down to the 2D plane.


There are three buttons on the application window: **Calculate**, **Reset**, and **Randomize**.
You can click anywhere on the canvas to add input points. Then, use the **Calculate** button, which will show the centerpoint (if it can) and the separator projected down to the 2D plane. If you don't have specific points, you can use the **Randomize** button to add 25 random points to the canvas. To remove added points, just click **Reset**.

Note: The centerpoint is estimated using Radon Points - according to Radon's Theorem, we can only find a partition for sets of 5 points, so we must only have powers of 5 for our input set.


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