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Python GUI (with functionality) for SRS Analysis

EXECUTABLE: command to generate .exe:

pyinstaller --noupx --onefile --debug --hidden-import=parser_v7 --name=SRSTool --additional-hooks-dir=C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\PyInstaller\hooks C:\Users\Astha\Documents\college\SeniorDesign\UCSDA\

To test:

  • Run SRSTool

  • select location of SRS, 'SRS file' and all directory choices

    • note: the choice for an Excel file can be of any type. .. if an existing spreadsheet is chosen, the Test cases will be appended to a new sheet .. if any other file/file type is chosen, a new Excel file with the file's base name will be created.
  • select 'Verify SRS' to create [SRSfile]-revision.docx

  • select 'Make Test Cases' to verify and then generate test cases to the selected Excel file in a new 'Test Cases' tab

  • Name, edit, choose type of report, and save

  • Repeat with new SRS is the main GUI code which invokes a new parser object upon each 'Verify' or 'Make Test Case' selection

parser_v7 is the program code containing the functionalities for a Parser object called by The separation allows for any errors found/made by the parser to not be propogated over to GUI

Developement Environment: Install the following libraries... Python-docx pyenchant Openpyxl

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