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Git Workflow Exercise

For this exercise we will use Github Flow, a modified, lightweight version of Git Flow.

GitHub Flow is a simple and effective branching strategy which the folks at GitHub use. Most teams actually do not need everything Git Flow gives them and are much better off with a simpler workflow.


This repo contains answers to the collection of Frontend Interview Questions by the developers behind H5BP.

  1. Clone this repository.

  2. Choose a previously unanswered interview question from Frontend Interview Questions or improve upon an existing answer.

  3. Create a new feature branch that is named in the format of feature/description-of-feature.

  4. In the appropriate folder, create a Markdown file that contains the answer to your chosen question. The file should be named in the following format:

  5. Once you are finished, commit your changes and push your feature branch to the repository.

  6. Follow the instructions for submitting/sending a pull request to the owner of the repository.

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