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Group Members: Dalton Miner, Solomon Lin, Jimmy Boivie, Austin Funes

Play the most exiting thing since sliced bread! Introducing the best Tower Defense gamed you've ever played. Does your tower defense game have characteres such as Sonic, the Depsicable Me minion, and a Speedy Gonzalez? I didn't think so. Does it have some of the best tower models rendered from industry-level computer graphics, that is java.awt.swing? Nope. Well try your hand today and use some of the best tower-power available. See if you can overcome the hordes of minions itching to knock down your Nexus!

Premise of the Game: Tower Defense games typically have the player defend against waves of enemies or minions. The minions will attempt to follow a path to the finish, and if the minion makes it the the end the player loses 1 health. When a player loses all health, the game is over. The player can place towers attempt to kill the minions before they make it to the end of the path. Towers range in attack, style, and cost using an in-game economy to manage this. After all the minions have been successfully warded off the player wins.

How to play:

-Import Archive Files into Eclipse and run (JavaSE 1.7)

-When the game is started, the minions will begin traversing the path to get to your nexus (or homebase).

-There are two tower types, AOE (area of effect) and a basic Tower. The AOE tower constantly damages all minions in its range and the basic tower damages one minion at a time.

-To select a tower, click the desired tower on the right hand panel.

-To place a tower, click in the map space. Observe that towers can not be placed on the path or on existing towers.

-When a tower is placed, and it is within range of a moving minion, it will begin damaging that minion. The health of the minion will drop, and when 0 will die.

-Different Minions vary in health, amount of money dropped when killed, and speed.

-Towers placed will cost player money. The cost of each tower is denoted on the button. As towers are placed the funds are appropriately deducted from the player's money.

-Towers can be upgraded. Upgrading a tower will improve its attack strength, and its range. A placed tower can only be upgraded a total of two times, once to LVL2, then again to LVL3, each upgrade increasing in cost. To upgrade, click on the Upgrade Tower button, then click on the desired tower to upgrade.

-Towers can be sold, for half of the purchase cost. The also applies to towers upgraded, as the money returned for selling an upgraded tower will be the most recent upgrade cost. To sell a tower, click on the sell tower button, and click on the desired tower to sell.

-If you can last the wave of minions you win! Otherwise if your health reaches 0 before then, you lose.

-Have Fun :)

From the creative talents of CSE 2102 students Mock Tower Defense Game (R) All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized Duplication Is A Violation Of Applicable Laws and punishable with at least 1 hour of playing this game.