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  • Docker
  • The MedRecData.tar file which is inside the MedRecData.rar file shared via filelocker

** For Windows users **

If you don't already have Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2) installed, follow these directions to install WSL2 on Windows 10.

If you need to install Docker, here are the directions to install Docker.

Installing HAPI FHIR

  1. Load the Docker file with docker load --input path/to/MedRecData.tar at the terminal. Make sure to replace all of {path/to/MedRecData.tar} with just the string corresponding to the path to your file. If your path has spaces in it, you willl need to enclose this string inside double quotes.
    • You should now have the SHA-256 hash of the file which is your image id. This is the string after sha256: below
    • image id
  2. Run the docker container with docker run -p 8080:8080 {image id} at the terminal. Make sure to replace all of {image id} with just the string of the SHA-256 hash.
    • Wait about ~30 seconds and your terminal should look similar to below
    • terminal after HAPI FHIR runs
  3. Now leave the terminal running and open a browser window and use either of the following to access HAPI FHIR
    • http://localhost:8080
  4. Enjoy using HAPI FHIR
  5. When you are finished using HAPI FHIR go back to the terminal and use ctrl+c to end the session

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