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CSE2102 Semester Project

To experience this game as we intended please run the executable JAR file outside of any IDE. You can find the executable jar file under the "MerchantRPGCSE2102" folder in the location that you saved it to.

This project was built under the model-view-controller pattern and there is extensive class hiearchy which can be seen in the Character, Player, Merchant and Object classes. We divided all the classes into packages for organization purposes, these packages were analyzed and cleaned up so that package cycles are minimalized. RPGame is the main class and delegates tasks to other classes. The second controller "Transaction" controls the TransactionUI which is responsible for all of the transactional processes (buying, selling, ect.) but the Transaction class is controlled by RPGame.

==================== THE TEAM:

Gavin Li:

~Responsible for the design concept and lead the development of the project

~Built the RPGame, Player, Merchant, Item and StartScreen classes

~Designed and built the transaction system in the game, built the classes responsible for the transaction (Transaction, TransactionUI, ect.)

~Revised and updated the new day mechanics

~Responsible for the game play details (instructions, item values and other gameplay values), also designed and coded the price fluctuation system

==================== John Bojorquez:

~Lead the development of the project

~Built the Map, MapUI, RPGame, Character, and Object Classes

~Added class hiearchy to the Character, Player, Merchant and Object classes

~Designed and built all the classes related to the Map and the graphical representation of the Map (the screen that the user interacts with) and created all the classes related to the map (Everything in the graph package, Map, MapUI and everything in the images package)

==================== Lutong Liu:

~Was responsible for the graphic component of the project

~Built the sprites animations used in the MapUI class and the sprites shown on the screen that the user interacts with

~Contributed to the Map and MapUI classes and implemented the game pausing function (where the user cannot move their character mid-transaction)

==================== William Chin:

~Built and revised the StartScreen class and resolved a class-breaking bug that the team could not figure out

~Designed and coded the new day mechanics of the game

~Was responsible for testing and bug-finding


CSE2102 Semester Project



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