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The members of the team are: Yiyun Tan ( Jun Wang (

Our project is about creating a intuitive interface for inputting 3D point sets. We use processing 3.0.1.

We create an interface by controlP5 and realize such functions: Drawing a 3D coordinate system(move, scale, rorate; Changing the color of background by RBG value;

Inputting x, y, z value by keyboard for 3D points, then, it will displays in the 3D coordinate system; Showing the point sets in a text field; Deleting the point set;

Other detail...

Here is not the final version. We will improve the function of it and realize the set points by mouse press later before the deadline.

Additional Remarks

We add the function that display a point in the 3D space by press mouse. When click the mouse it will display the node in the interface and the previous coordinate system will be hide. And the detail of the points (x-value, y-value, z-value) will be showed in the function box. We also hide the cursor avoid its influence on displaying. Clearly, the points will be bigger if it come to the direction of the user and be smaller if it come far away from the user.


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