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This code is meant for visualizing how a tipical delaunay triangulation algorithm works.

This code is using Halfedge Data Structure to store the information of the triangles and more detially, the code would have the following functions:

  1. show how to locate a inserted point P (Basically, this is done by just simple linear predicates) Choose a point V and a halfedge h to start with . Using ccw(counter clock wise) test to identify the direction from V to P. Using the cross-line test to walk to the triangle that contains P.

  2. show in step how to split a triangle and flip all the triangles to Locally Delaunay. for every inserted point, we do a 3-way split. for every new created triangles, check the edge that is opposite to the inserted point is LD or not if not flip it, and do the same former step till all the triangles are LD.

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