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CSE 2102: Software Engineering John Costa and Maegan Dyakiw Fall 2015

The JAT (Java Astrodynamics Toolkit) simulate different space problems such as earth-moon orbits, trajectories and velocities of objects and the Two Body Problem.

Our project explored the Three Body Problem, and our initial goal was to plot the orbits of three planets. We created a new class to work with the integrators for the orbit and we modified the class to work with the derivatives and integrators. Through doing this project, we were able to edit the classes to be able to graph the positions of mass.

Although this was not exactly what we wanted our modification to be, this is a huge step towards having a functional Three Body Problem. In addition to that, those who wish to edit this in the future will have their basis for the Three Body Problem. The issue that we hit with our modification was that we could not implement the integrators to compute what we needed to calculate the orbits of the planets.

All documentation is included in repository jic13003/Costa-Dyakiw, which includes project logs, sequence diagrams, MaintainJ diagrams and class diagrams.


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