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numerical solutions presented in ME 5180
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ME5180 - Dynamics

Examples of Numerical Analysis in Dynamics

0- Intro to Matlab and Numerical integration

Matlab-and Octave-review of syntax and numerical integration techniques. In particular, Euler's method and the ode-integration routines ode23 and ode45, Runge-Kutta integration methods.

Intro to Matlab and Numerical Integration

1- Double Pendulum Kinematics

double_pendulum.m has a script to plot the velocity over time and create an animation of the link positions. double_pendulum.ipynb shows the output of the code.

2- Rotating Pendulum Equations of motion

Rotating pendulum diagram

A pendulum is fixed to a rotating L-bracket, the solution to the rotating system is given in rotating pendulum solution

$\omega$=1 rad/s

$\omega$=5 rad/s

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