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Darkroom timer

Download the repository somewhere on your computer. Let's say C:/darkroom_timer is the <repo_folder>

Required applications

The code is written in C++ and was developed for the Arduino IDE. Download the application at The embedded code is in <repo_folder>/timer_ardunio/timer_arduino.ino

Required libraries

Download the TFT and Touch libraries somewhere on your computer as ZIP archives and then add them to the Arduino application from Sketch->Include Library->Add ZIP library

TFT screen library at

Touch screen library at

Build instructions

  • Connect the arduino to any USB port
  • Open the Arduino IDE
  • Go to Tools->Board and select "Arduino Mega 2560"
  • Go to Tools->Port and select the COM port the board is connected to
  • Add the required libraries as described above
  • Open the sketch located at <repo_folder>/timer_ardunio/timer_arduino.ino
  • Go to Sketch->Upload
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