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# Set libcurl as the prefered method to use when downloading files
# Create function to get expression set of given gse
# along with the gene symbols
get_gse_expression_set <- function(gse_name, symbol_col_name) {
# Get the GSE by name and create a dataframe out of the expression set
gse <- getGEO(gse_name, GSEMatrix = TRUE)[[1]]
gse_df <-
gse_df$probe_id <- rownames(gse_df)
# Extract Gene Symbols and associated Probe IDs
feature_data <- attr(gse, "featureData")
symbols <- attr(feature_data, "data")[ , symbol_col_name]
probe_ids <- attr(feature_data, "data")$Probe_Id
# Create a dataframe to hold the symbols and probe IDs
symbol_df <- data.frame(symbol=numeric(length(symbols)),
probe_id=character(length(probe_ids)) )
symbol_df$symbol <- symbols
symbol_df$probe_id <- probe_ids
# Merge the dataframes together
complete_data <- merge(x=gse_df, y=symbol_df, by='probe_id', all.x = TRUE)
base_path <- "./" # where to put the resulting file
gse_name <- 'GSE52253'
symbol_col_name <- 'Symbol'
my_data <- get_gse_expression_set(gse_name, 'Symo')
write.table(my_data, file=paste(base_path, gse_name, ".csv", sep=""), sep = '\t', row.names=FALSE)
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