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Swf 17 credit health #17

merged 26 commits into from May 1, 2019


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ahm11003 commented Apr 24, 2019

  • remove unused metrics
  • created and implemented new metrics for credit utilization, comparison to last month's utilization, average utilization (for multi acct), number of healthy accounts (multi acct), and last payment trend
  • some calculations and weights for determining "overall" wellness score are preliminary and subject to change

ahm11003 and others added some commits Feb 13, 2019

radial progress indicators and page-based nav
- added image assets and code to demo a radial progress indicator
- set up some basic wireframe page-based nav
- app icon assets
Jonathan Duarte
Added Balance, Utilization, and AccountNumber Controllers. Added PLis…
…tUtil to attempt to read created plist named Property List.
PList Functions
- change plist structure to array for easier reading from plist
- populate radial indicators with values
- set up check to only animate once
Merge pull request #5 from rrk12005/demo-radial-style-progress-indica…

Demo radial style progress indicators
Jonathan Duarte
Renamed files to more accurately represent them. Changed wellness rad…
…ial indicator to match the others. Added metric for late payments and number of accounts.
Merge branch 'master' into SWF-17-credit-health
# Conflicts:
#	SynchronyFinancial/SynchronyFinancial WatchKit App/Base.lproj/Interface.storyboard
#	SynchronyFinancial/SynchronyFinancial.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
Jonathan Duarte
- Functions for utilization and account (temporary) metrics.
- Added identifiers for wellness score controllers
- Added "transaction_code" values to respective API call and transaction class
SWF-17 remove storyboard segue
- this was removed in favor of instantiating our page view hierarchy programatically
- added `IBAction` to handle tap events from `Tap For More` button
- removed call to push UtilizationScore
SWF-17 pass our metrics to page hierarchy
- uncomment switch statement on late payments
SWF-17 credit utilization improvements
- dynamically resize the radial indicator to allow showing a button below to explain the metric
- recolored some buttons on account details screen
SWF-17 remove unused class
- also removed unused instances and references to this class, as well as related logic to power it
SWF-17 new image assets, implementation for utilization trend
- currently we generate a random number between 0 and the credit limit of an account in order to “simulate” trend compared to previous statement utilization
- added some nice images to further display the trends
Merge branch 'master' into SWF-17-credit-health
# Conflicts:
#	SynchronyFinancial/SynchronyFinancial WatchKit Extension/FetchData.swift
#	SynchronyFinancial/SynchronyFinancial.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj
SWF-17 More wellness implementation
- remove deprecated `PaymentScore` and all related logic to calculate this metric
- added classes `AvgUtilization`, `HealthyAccounts`, and `LastPayment` interface controllers to display more metrics and add dynamic reports for users with multiple accounts
SWF-17 more wellness configuration
- added outlets for metric objects
- configured other UI elements
SWF-17 remove unused code
- also changed `wellnessScore` to not be optional
SWF-17 More wellness implementation and improvements
- added static defaults for the “blurbs” used to describe wellness metrics
- used these in our new and existing metrics descriptions
- implemented passing of values to `AvgUtilization` and `HealthyAccounts` metrics
- set up calculation for these metrics in Wellness as well
SWF-17 metric calculations
- modified `Account` object model to contain `lastPayment` value to drive the last payment metric
- modified our account fetch to retrieve this value from the servers
- remove unused `Account` properties
- finished implementation for new wellness metrics
SWF-17 clean up how we receive data for utilization
- added some validation to ensure we get the value we want
- else, we have changed score to not be optional
- removed unused overridden boilerplate functions

@ahm11003 ahm11003 requested review from rrk12005, jod13004 and tiw15001 Apr 24, 2019

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rrk12005 left a comment

look's good

@ahm11003 ahm11003 merged commit d169bdf into master May 1, 2019

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