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Yet Another Skiena Implementation
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saq10002 Fixed a bug in LinearProbingHashTable::insertKey()
Added StringHashFunction in HashTableBase.h

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Yet Another Skiena Implementation

This is an ongoing project where I am writing various data structures and algorithms in C++, loosely following the content of the Algoirhtms Manual book by Steven Skiena.

The code is written using standard C++ in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. Code is tested using Google C++ framework.

Data Structures (So Far)

  • Singly/Doubly linked lists with iterators
  • Binary tree
  • Heap and Priority Queue
    • regular
    • mutable (where you can change keys of existing elements)
  • Binary search tree (BST)
  • Dictionary based on BST
  • Hash tables
    • Linear probing
    • Separate chaining
    • Hop Scotch
  • Graph (adjacency list)

Coming soon: Locality sensitive hashing (LSH)


Graph Algorithms:

  • BFS

Coming soon: Approximate near neighbor search using LSH

Authors and Contributors

Right now, there is only one author: Saad Quader (@saq10002)

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