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Example Summary

This example is intended to be a starting point for new development where a minimal footprint is needed.

Peripherals Exercised

  • Board_LED0 - Indicates that the board was initialized within main()

Example Usage

  • The example lights Board_LED0 as part of the initialization in main(). Then a heartBeat task toggles the LED at a rate determined by the arg0 parameter for the constructed Task instance in the .c file.

Application Design Details

This examples is the same as the Empty example except many development and debug features are disabled. For example:

  • No Kernel Idle task
  • No stack overflow checking
  • No Logs or Asserts are enabled

The ROM is being used in this example. This is controlled by the following lines in the .cfg file:

var ROM = xdc.useModule('ti.sysbios.rom.ROM'); ROM.romName = ROM.CC2650;

> Since the kernel in the ROM is being used, there is no logging or assert
checking done by the kernel.

> For IAR users using any SensorTag(STK) Board, the XDS110 debugger must be
selected with the 4-wire JTAG connection within your projects' debugger

## References

* For GNU and IAR users, please read the following website for details
  about enabling [semi-hosting](
  in order to view console output.

* Please refer to the __Memory Footprint Reduction__ section in the
TI-RTOS User Guide *spruhd4.pdf* for a complete and detailed list of the
differences between the empty minimal and empty projects.


Sniffer project for CC2650-SensorTag



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