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Simple Polygons and Planar Graphs


The goal of this project is to create a set of algorithms to randomly generate and display various "families" of simple polygons (ex. star-shaped, monotone, convex, simple, regular...) with various numbers of vertices. The project will also have a simple interface for specifying the type of simple polygon to generate, how many vertices it should have, etc. In addition to simple polygons, the project will have an interface for generating "interesting" PSLGs at random.

User Interaction

The user will be able to specify the type of simple polygon to generate, as well as the number of vertices the polygon/PSLG should have. The user will specify these parameters through the GUI and will be able to view the generated polygon(s) through the same GUI. This will be similar for PSLG generation.


The project will have a simple, sleek, and user friendly GUI which will consist of a viewing window (where the polygon(s)/PSLG(s) will be displayed), as well as a side bar containing a drop down menu to specify the algorithm to use and input fields to specify other parameters (such as the number of vertices, etc.), and a "Generate" button to initiate the polygon/PSLG generation using the specified parameters.


Besard Gjoni, Todd Slater, Guanming (Clement) Wu


Comp Geom Final Project - Simple Polygons and Planar Graphs - CSE4095



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