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### Requirements
- Docker
- The `MedRecData.tar` file which is inside the `MedRecData.rar` file shared via filelocker

### ** For Windows users **
If you don't already have Windows Subsystem for Linux (**WSL2**) installed, follow these directions to [install WSL2 on Windows 10](

If you need to install Docker, here are the [directions to install Docker](

## Installing HAPI FHIR

1. Load the Docker file with `docker load --input {path/to/MedRecData.tar}` at the terminal
- You should now have the SHA-256 hash of the file which is your `image id`. This is the string after `sha256:` below
- ![image id](1.png)
2. Run the docker container with `docker run -p 8080:8080 {image id}` at the terminal
3. Open a browser window and use either of the following to access `HAPI FHIR`
- ``
- `http://localhost:8080`
4. Enjoy using `HAPI FHIR`

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