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  1. CSE2102 Semester Project

    C# 4 Built by @rrk12005
  2. C++ 3 Built by @Brandon
  3. This is a redesign of student admin by group 2

    CSS 3 Built by @jjm14012 @lwm14001 @rkv14001 @rmb15004
  4. Group 38's CSE 2102 Project

    Java 3 1 Built by @wjg12004
  5. Second of several projects for CSE2102 in fall at Storrs

    Java 3 1
  6. A modern Wordpress HTML5-based theme.

    PHP 3 2 Built by @ejr06006
  7. HTML 2 2 Built by @keb13015 @jac18042 @ssl18003 @dad18023 @anw15102
  8. HTML 2 Built by @grf14003 @ncc14003 @mfs16101 @nas14016
  9. The authoritative routing and brokering server that handles all generator communication

    Go 2 Built by @wrr14001 @eal13009
  10. A smart watch application for watchOS developed through a collaboration between CSE Senior Design Team 25 and Synchrony Financial

    Swift 2 Built by @ahm11003 @rrk12005 @jod13004 @tiw15001
  11. A repository for the software that will be running on the Raspberry Pi powered by the generator

    Go 2 Built by @wrr14001 @eal13009
  12. This is a collection of past and present homework assignments for the Digital Media and Design Game Development concentration. You'll find final builds of Unity3d and other games. Curated by Kenneth Thompson. *Note: Games best played in current Firefox or Edge browsers

    JavaScript 2 Built by @keb13015 @ssl18003
  13. Java 2 Built by @jjv14001 @sss13010 @joh13010 @amf14004 @vip14008
  14. PHP 2 Built by @etl12003 @jsn13002
  15. Antibiotics in Resource Limited Settings (CCMC)

    2 Built by @jrs06005
  16. John Butler, Antonia Lewis and Astha Patni's term project for CSE 4095, Spring 2016. Our topic is Sentiment Analysis.

    Python 2 Built by @job13011 @adl13006 @asp10012
  17. This is the repository for the CSE 2102 Group Project

    Java 2 Built by @msm10008 @bmr11003
  18. This implements a likeness of the official UConn letterhead using LaTeX.

    TeX 2 1 Built by @alr02014
  19. Java 2 1 Built by @jic13003 @rog13002 @mxd12001 @karllassy
  20. Rebuilt from the ground up!

    Java 2 Built by @ssl10003 @dwm10005 @jrb10014 @kjf12002 @akf12001
  21. Apache JMeter may be used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources (files, Servlets, Perl scripts, Java Objects, Data Bases and Queries, FTP Servers and more). It can be used to simulate a heavy load on a server, network or object to test its strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types. You can use it to…

    Java 2 1
  22. being used to test the experience of students working with projects

    Java 2 1
  23. 2 1 Built by @tms08012
  24. 2 1 Built by @tms08012
  25. 2 1 Built by @tms08012
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